Nike HQ

Nike HQ | District Utility Plant

Hillsboro, Oregon

The new Nike expansion in Hillsboro is support by a next-generation District Utility Plant (DUP) and mechanical room.  JH Kelly worked with Hoffman Construction, including PAE engineers and ZGF Architects.  This Lump Sum contract was completed in 12 months and consisted of 4 large cooling towers with 4 additional centrifugal condenser water pumps, as well as 8 boilers. JH Kelly assisted with the large equipment setting and was responsible for all small equipment procurement and installation including pumps, tanks, pressure vessels, water treatment and softening. Piping systems include steam, condensate, gas, fuel oil, boiler feedwater, makeup water, and blowdown. The entire project was modeled in 3D helping to eliminate field problems and expedite pre-fabrication.


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