SPECIAL FEATURES: Registered LEED Platinum project, 650,000 square feet, joint project between OHSU and OUS


OHSU – Collaborative Life Sciences Building / Skourtes Tower


JH Kelly is providing mechanical services for this classroom/laboratory complex. The facility includes the Skourtes Tower housing a new cutting-edge learning space and clinic for the OHSU School of Dentistry.

Also on campus is PSU’s biology and chemistry lectures and laboratories; education space for OHSU’s medical students and dental students, physician’s assistants, and radiation technologists; OSU’s College of Pharmacy; a state-of-the-art simulation center where clinical teams (doctors, nurses, PAs, staff) train side-by-side; OHSU Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine; labs for research in basic and applied science and engineering; shared instrumentation labs with electron microscopy, NMR, and other specialized, sophisticated instrumentation; and ground floor retail space for lease.

The project includes 6.77 miles of HVAC piping; 24.5 miles (excluding under¬ground) of plumbing piping; 900 plumbing fixtures; 19 individual plumbing systems (DWV, sanitary sewer, hot/cold domestic water, fuel oil, dental vacuum, dental air, waste anesthesia gas disposal, reverse osmosis, deionized water, rainwater har¬vesting, storm water management, acid waste, non-potable hot/cold water, natural gas, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrous oxide system); and 2,490 lab gas/med gas outlets.

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