What we offer

‘Plug and Play’ Plumbing Installation

JH Kelly installs all types of plumbing systems, meeting the domestic water and sanitary service needs of the building.

Fabricated off-site, JH Kelly delivers piping systems and pre-assembled fixtures Just-In-Time to eliminate site congestion and reduce on-site craft demands.

New Plumbing Construction

Plumbing Installation and piping is performed by JH Kelly in many commercial buildings:

  • Residential, office and mixed use
  • Healthcare, K-12, higher education, laboratories
  • Central utility plants
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Data centers and high-tech facilities
  • Prisons

Our capabilities include common plumbing installation systems to more complex mechanical installations such as medical gas piping installation. JH Kelly specializes in plumbing installation using pre-fabrication and pre-assembly, delivering systems in modular “kits” making easier to install with smaller crew.

Existing Buildings

JH Kelly plumbers investigate and upgrade existing building systems in a phased approach to avoid program downtime:

  • Residential
  • Office
  • Healthcare, laboratories
  • Hospitality, kitchens
  • Manufacturing
  • Data center and high tech facilities

We fabricate specialty carts, hoists and supports to roll our assemblies into place and minimize facility interruption. If material cannot be safely maneuvered into place, JH Kelly will find and invest in the tools and technology to do so safely.


Featured Projects

Over the years, clients and contractors have partnered with JH Kelly to solve their biggest challenges. Our portfolio is a reflection of our company, our integrity, and our commitment to delivering the optimal solution.


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