Subcontractor Qualification Application

If you are a subcontractor interested in doing business with JH Kelly, we invite you to apply here to begin the qualification process. Please note that submitting your information to this registry does not prequalify your company to work with JH Kelly. If you have all of the necessary information at hand, completing this form commonly takes about an hour. However, your progress is saved at review “checkpoint” sections throughout the form, so you may complete the application at your convenience. Please retain your login user id and password to re-enter the form at a later time. If lost, you will need to start a new application. Once your application is complete and submitted, one of our representatives will contact you within 5-10 business days to discuss the status of your application and the next steps in the process.

We appreciate you taking this first step to working with our company, and we look forward to learning about more your business and capabilities.

Prequalification Requirements

  • EMR 1.0 or less
  • Approved documented Safety Plan
  • Financial Stability
  • Licensed as required
Career Paths


JH Kelly partners with certified, industry-leading firms to complete complex, publicly-funded projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. We rely on qualified and experienced subcontractors, engineers, contractors, and a variety of vendors and consultants.


Please email or call:

Shannon Hayden | 360.905.1398

Taylor Gould | 360.827.1549

*JH Kelly reserves the right to change or amend these templates