Our industry capabilities

Constructing “the cloud”

From small server rooms to hyperscale computer facilities, data processing, data storage, and telecom equipment environments – JH Kelly provides expert level plumbing services to 24/7 colo-, enterprise- and hyperscale-level clients.

JH Kelly understands data center HVAC best practices and delivers cooling solutions for continuous heat-producing machines including Raised Floor, Liquid Cooling and “Free” Cooling.

Mission Critical Capabilities:

  • Design Build / Design Assist
  • Modular fabrication:
    chilled water systems, central utility plants, custom DX units, variable speed pump systems, pumping skids
  • Refrigeration CRAC installation
  • Air & Water cooled systems
  • Fuel systems:
    single generator belly tanks, underground storage tanks supplying day tanks at each generator
  • Certified electricians for medium voltage wiring and switchgear

Featured Projects

Over the years, clients and contractors have partnered with JH Kelly to solve their biggest challenges. Our portfolio is a reflection of our company, our integrity, and our commitment to delivering the optimal solution.


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