What we offer

Flexible and cost-efficient

Pre-engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB) offer our customers a flexible building solution with reduced construction timeline. They allow for easy expansions and custom designs to accommodate different use and space requirements.

We are recognized by Nucor as the #1 PEMB building erector in the western United States and Canada constructing buildings from 5,000 square feet to 200,000. Utilizing an integrated design-build project delivery method, JH Kelly is ready to partner with you on your Pre-engineered Metal Building project needs.

Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Design-Build Process:

  • Programming: Building use/product storage will determine applicable code compliance requirements
  • Cost Analysis – Part I: Initial cost estimate +/- 15%
  • Site Planning / Design: Geotechnical reports, site analysis and permitting
  • Cost Analysis – Part II: Detailed cost estimate / final deliverable
  • Material Purchase: Building purchase
  • Construction: Turn-key building erection

Featured Projects

Over the years, clients and contractors have partnered with JH Kelly to solve their biggest challenges. Our portfolio is a reflection of our company, our integrity, and our commitment to delivering the optimal solution.


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