NFPA 70B & 70E Compliance

We are able to provide you a single solution to assess your facility for NFPA 70B & 70E compliance, provide and help implement an Electrical Maintenance Program and all required training, and to correct any deficiencies uncovered during the process. Our skilled electricians can help ensure the safety of your personnel, protection of your facility, help provide business interruption protection, and protect you from citation for noncompliance.

With the latest edition of NFPA 70B, issued in 2023, what were previously facility Electrical Maintenance Program recommendations are now requirements. That change has made compliance with NFPA 70B & 70E, which describe all Electrical Maintenance Program and training requirements, something that OSHA inspectors will looking for and noncompliance could result in a citation.

We have partnered with CurrentSAFE, industry experts in electrical preventative maintenance, to ensure that your facility complies with the latest standards. We utilize EPM480 Advanced Electrical Testing & Reporting software to provide you with same-day reporting so that any hazards are brought to your attention immediately. Our process immediately puts you on the path to compliance and allows prompt scheduling of recommended repairs to ensure the safety of your personnel and avoid any potential disruption or failure as a result of the detected hazards.

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  • Comprehensive Inventory of Electrical Distribution Equipment & Components!
  • Digital Photo documentation of all Electrical Hazards at your Facility
  • Infrared and Ultrasonic Scanning of Electrical Equipment & Connections
  • Comprehensive Descriptions and Recommended Actions to Mitigate all Detected Hazards
  • Hazard Mitigation in Accordance with NFPA standards
  • Energized & De-Energized Electrical Preventative Maintenance including Cleaning & Torquing
  • Arc Flash Studies & Equipment Labeling
  • NFPA 70E Employee Training and Qualification
  • Development of NFPA Compliant Electrical Maintenance Plan

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