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Toray Composites | Resin Mixing Project

Tacoma, Washington

JH Kelly was awarded the mechanical build-out, process piping, and equipment setting for a plant conversion at Toray Composites of America's carbon fiber manufacturing facility in Tacoma. The mechanical work included wet-side mechanical installation including a new boiler system, chilled water, cooling water, plant air compressor system, and general utilities. The process piping installation consisted of a resin piping system, hot oil piping, DI water, and process cooling water. The equipment setting included resin mixers, filmers, pre-preg, winders, and unwinders. JH Kelly installed 12,000 lf of process piping and 10,000 lf of mechanical piping. Our Longview fabrication shop completed butt and socket welds to fast track the installation and meet the nine-month project schedule.


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