OHSU Collaborative Life Science Building – Startup

Startup and Commissioning were performed by 3rd Party, NWESI, Northwest Engineering Services, however JH Kelly support this effort from the start of the project.  Pre-planning the last 10% of the project was important on the CLSB project because of the number of systems inside the building. Each one needed separate startup procedures and commissioning requirements.

Scope included:

  • 6.77 miles of HVAC piping;
  • 24.5 miles (excluding under¬ground) of plumbing piping;
  • 900 plumbing fixtures;
  • 19 individual plumbing systems (DWV, sanitary sewer, hot/cold domestic water, fuel oil, dental vacuum, dental air, waste anesthesia gas disposal, reverse osmosis, deionized water, rainwater har¬vesting, storm water management, acid waste, non-potable hot/cold water, natural gas, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrous oxide system);
  • 2,490 lab gas/med gas outlets.