Nippon Dynawave | Pulp Dryer

Longview, Washington

The Pulp Dryer project was for the construction of a new paper machine for Nippon Dynawave in Longview, Washington. Prior to the construction of the new machine, Nippon’s Longview location had produced soft wood and hard wood wet lap pulp used in a variety of products such as printing papers, tissue, pet bedding, insulated doors and kraft paper applications. However, the sales of the wet lap market pulp products are limited by storage, shipping weight and final handling constraints. The Pulp Dryer project enabled Nippon to sell dried market pulp domestically and internationally and replace the wet lap operation onsite. The paper machine consists of a stock storage, headbox, fourdrinier, press section, airborne dryer section, cutter layboy, and baling & dewiring system. JH Kelly worked with Nucor Building Systems and Nippon to design a building that maximized the utilization of the space available and connected to their existing warehouse on their plant site. The machine is 12-feet wide and roughly 400 feet long with a raised operator floor for the wet end of the machine and a 25-foot deep pit for the dry end pulper. Peak manpower on the site was over 100 craft and over 213,000 man hours were required to complete the project.


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