Kapstone No. 10 Paper Machine Rebuild

JH Kelly was contracted to perform services for multiple upgrades to the No. 10 Paper Machine including a dryer can addition, calendar upgrade, table modification and stock prep improvements. The most impressive part of the project was the pre-assembly of a six dryer can/eight felt roll, a 100-ton module that was rigged into place in under four hours during a three-day shutdown. Specific components of the upgrade are as follows: Dryer Can Addition and Calendar Upgrade - to make room for a six dryer can increase to the fourth dryer section, the existing first calendar section was removed, hood extended, and a new broke hole installed. The second calendar modifications included replacement and repositioning of the king and queen rolls, a new tail threading system, and replacement of three bench boards with one new bench board. A new steam and condensate section was installed and a new lube oil section was installed to support the dryer can addition.


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