Kaiser Westside Medical Center Central Plant - JH Kelly

Kaiser Westside Medical Center | Central Plant

Hillsboro, Oregon

To support the new Kaiser Westside Medical Center, a 27,000 square foot central utility plant (CUP) was constructed. It provides 2,000 tons of cooling with room to add 1,000 more tons. JHK installed five hot water boilers, each with 6,400 mph output with room to add two more. A fluid skid system consisting of the following equipment was also installed: two steam generators, one steam condensate receiver/surge tank, blow down separator, chemical feed tank, feed water de-aerator, and thermal fluid de-aerator/buffer tank. Additionally, two cooling towers at 2,000 gpm each with room to add one more; 12 HVAC pumps with room to add four more; eight air handlers; one 40,000 gallon fuel tank; and medical air compressor were installed.


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