SPECIAL FEATURES: 3 MMBTU biomass boiler, auto-fed by auger and conveyor, and 6,000 man-hours self-performed


Quillayute Valley School District Biomass Boiler

Forks, WA

JH Kelly is the general contractor for the Quillayute Valley School District Biomass Boiler. The project is a 2,600 square foot building that houses a central boiler installation that will provide hydronic heating for the future high school, temporary high school and current middle school. The 3 MMBTU biomass boiler will be auto-fed by auger and conveyor. The project also includes a 3 MMBTU backup fuel oil boiler.

In addition to the building and site construction, JH Kelly was also responsible for all equipment procurement, installation and installation oversight. JH Kelly also assisted in constructability and delegated design of certain components of the project.

JH Kelly self-performed the concrete, structural steel, gauge framing, mechanical equipment installation, piping installation, control systems and electrical. Approximately 6,000 self-performed multi-craft hours were completed in a very small footprint.

JH Kelly was subsequently awarded the middle school HVAC upgrade which included hydronic piping between the boiler building and middle school.

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