SPECIAL FEATURES: $20-25 million, tool Hook-Up, UHP Fabrication & Process Pipe, and 150,000 man-hours with zero loss time


Fujitsu Tool Hook-Up, Ph. 3-5

Gresham, OR

Successful customer relationships, based in mutual respect and trust, are a hallmark of JH Kelly’s success. This type of relationship evolved at Fujitsu’s Gresham location, primarily due to JHK’s ability to meet Fujitsu’s and TDC’s standards of performance at competitive costs.

While at Fujitsu, crews provided layout, fabrication and installation of all ultra high purity and process piping. This facilitated the hook-up of approximately 250 tools during the nearly three-year stay on-site.

As of October 2000, JH Kelly has produced more than 3,500 high purity and process fabs. Crews have worked more than 150,000 manhours with zero loss time. The Fujitsu crew had an incident rate of 1.3 as of October 1, 2000.

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