Microchip Team Toy Drive

Every year at Microchip, in partnership with the Salvation Army, a toy drive is held for local children. This year, our crew at Microchip took it upon themselves to donate their own money towards the toy drive so that their donations could be matched by JH Kelly.

In total, our crew donated over $750, which was matched by the company and today we were able to purchase over $1,500 in toys for local children including bicycles, skate boards, educational toys, board games, books, NERF guns, Hot Wheels, and much, much, more.

Microchip was extremely thankful and excited for our donation, many employees came out of their offices to watch our crew bring all the gifts in.

JH Kelly has always been a beacon of charity and giving in the communities that we work in, and our crew at Microchip is a shining example of that JHK spirit.

A special shoutout to Nick Braun and Bill Srock for organizing these efforts, and to the rest of the crew for their donations!
Great Job #JHKTeamGreen!


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