At JH Kelly, we believe that you are only as good as the company you keep.

That’s why we are proud to say that we have some amazing past employees. Their dedication to JH Kelly and their determination to make this organization a success laid the foundation for our prosperity.

Every year we gather our retirees for an informal dinner, giving us a chance to catch up with some of our “family members” with whom we’ve lost touch.

And so, we wanted to take a little time and say “Thank You” to all of our retirees and past employees. Without your dedication of yesterday, we would not be here today.



Kelly Employee from 2005 – 2020


Kelly Employee from 1990 – 2021


Kelly Employee from 2000 – 2021


Kelly Employee from 1992 – 2021


Kelly Employee from 1991 – 2021


Kelly Employee from 1994 – 2021


Kelly Employee from 2000 – 2021


Kelly Employee from 1996 – 2021

Over his 44 years as an Electrician / Electrical Fabricator, the last 25 were spent with us at JHK making many great memories.

Bruce is looking forward to retirement, and excited to be starting the next steps of his journey with his wife Melody, who is also retiring. They have plans to spend a lot of time with their grandkids and family, and traveling.

Bruce, Thank you for your hard work and dedication over the years! Your absence is already felt by many and you will be greatly missed. From all of us at JH Kelly, we wish you the very best that retirement has to offer, and continued success on your next adventure.


Kelly Employee from 1961 – 2019

Terry Major started at the JH Kelly Plumbing and Heating shop on Commerce Ave. in Longview when he was a kid. His stepfather worked for Jack Kelly and took Terry to work on Saturdays. Jack gave Terry some fittings to put together and told him if he was just sitting there he might as well be doing something. And that was the start of a long relationship. Terry started officially as a plumber in July 1961. He facilitated the transition of plumbers and pipefitters into industrial environments; who wanted to crawl underneath a house once they’d been in large, complex spaces? Together with Dan Evans, Terry steered JH Kelly from a local plumbing shop into a multi-craft, large project mechanical contractor. His understanding of project controls and labor management was instrumental in JH Kelly’s success. The Terry Major Labor Saver Award recognizes his passion for always finding ways to do things better.


Kelly Employee from 1992 – 2019

Willy worked for JH Kelly for over 17 years with progressively more responsible industrial experience – primarily for industrial process and high-tech clients. Experienced at project controls, labor management and project planning, Willy always had a proven effectiveness in all aspects of workplace safety, including developing and implementing new programs and procedures. Willy was our Vice President of Safety when he retired in 2019 and the annual JH Kelly Safety Award is now named after him, the McOmie Award.


Kelly Employee from 1977 – 2016

Clancy Kelly was (is!) the quintessential hippie at heart. What separates him from the pack is his strong work ethic, excellent communication skills and a commitment to getting the job done right the first time. Clancy came to JH Kelly as a pipefitter from Chicago where his pony tail wasn’t quite as unique. His first job on Industrial Way caused some heartburn for our customer. Dan Evans promised the owner that if Clancy didn’t deliver a good work product that week, the work was free. That was enough to keep Clancy on site for that week and the next 40+ years. He mentored many a good JHK employee and his commitment to bring out the best in others is remarkable.


Kelly Employee from 1982 – 2015

Chuck Stronach met Dan Evans in California when they worked as engineers for Standard Oil. Dan asked Chuck and their mutual friend Larry Peterson to come to Longview and help grow JH Kelly into a major construction company. Chuck excelled in project management, engineering design, estimating, maintenance, construction and operations. He was a gifted athlete who took that level of discipline into the field.

Bill Gray

Kelly Employee from 1997 – 2008

As CFO, Bill was very hard working and carried a huge load during JHK’s growth. He nurtured and developed a great staff, built a strong relationship with our bank and bonding company, and was responsible for creating systems and making decisions that allowed us to improve the company on many fronts – everything from payables, receivables, IT, insurance, imaging, software, taxes, audits, equipment, 401Ks, and property.

Ted Coons

Kelly Employee from 1986 – 2006

Ted led our unsung heroes in the maintenance shop for 20 years keeping our trucks and equipment running, job sites supplied and company buildings operating. We’re finally giving Ted time to work on his own projects.

Jim Salmon

Kelly Employee from 1974 – 2005

Jim is the paper mill king having worked at Weyerhaeuser and NORPAC for over 30 years. Industrial Way just isn’t the same since Jim quit driving back and forth in his white Kelly truck. He’s now enjoying the good life in Lake Havasu where the sun always shines.

dave Foslien

Kelly Employee from 1972 – 2002

Dave joined Kelly right around the time Dan Evans started with the company. Since that time, Dave has become one of our most valuable Superintendents. We’re still trying to talk him into returning to work, but for some reason he’s really enjoying being retired. Go figure.

Larry Peterson

Kelly Employee from 1981 – 2002

Larry was one of the three senior managers that helped shape Kelly into its current form. He’s an expert at estimating, design, and operations management. Since his retirement, Larry has been enjoying traveling with his wife and riding his Harley (and, yes, he has been to Sturgis!).

Art Allen

Kelly Employee from 1976- 2011

Art was the type of guy that took on every new opportunity and challenge with a positive approach and managed to get the best out of everyone he worked with, but still made it fun. A talented athlete and a Navy veteran who served two tours in Vietnam, he brought his peculiar mix of competitiveness, dedication, persistence, organization, and offbeat humor to every project he worked on. He was known for his dedication to JH Kelly and the high standards that he set for himself, his crew, and even the owners he worked with. Extremely routine-oriented and a believer in keeping a stringent schedule, you could set your watch by what Art was doing at any point in the day. However, he was also a remarkably patient mentor that truly cared about the individuals he worked with, ensuring that he provided the unique support that each one needed to succeed.

Art retired in 2011 to spend more time with his wife Mary, his cat Andy, and to play Texas Hold’em. He passed in 2015, leaving his JH Kelly legacy to his son Dave Allen, daughter Karen Puyleart, and his son-in-law Casey Puyleart. Over his 35 years at JH Kelly, he touched the lives of innumerable JH Kelly employees and helped shape the company into the organization it is today. Art will be forever missed.

Joe Aasen
Dan Abel
Orville Abken
Doug Allinger
Larry Ambuehl
Joel Anderson
Susie Andrew
Kerry Andrist
Rog Anonby
Joe Babcock
Doug Barney
Randy Beard
Sharon Bergman
Terry Boudreau
Doug Brown
Tom Brynelson
Rick Buckner
Wayne Burnett
Carl Buswell
Mike Calonge
Wayne Cole
Sue Cole-Gillaspie
Curt Conner
Ted Coons
Lynne Covel
Charlie Crawford
Fernando Cuglievan
Steve Dahl
Jeff Dean
Gary Decker
Teresa Den Hartog
Bill Dewsnap
Steve Doehne
Mark Downey
John Dumas
Blue Durbin
Dallas Eby

Keith Erdmann
Donnie Estill
Kevin Farley
Jack Fletcher
Dave Foslien
Rob Fournier
Dale Fowler
Al Fox
Don Funderburk
Dave George
Dave Gillespie
Paula Gissell
Vic Goodman
Norm Granger
Don Grasseth
Bill Gray
Austin Greene
Steve Gregg
Mike Griffin
Gary Griffiths
Dick Grohs
Bruce Guler
Jerry Guler
Chris Hackett
Lonnie Hage
Butch Henry
Frank Hickman
Jack Hilton
Dave Hobbs
Phil Holmgren
Frank Hughes
Walt James
Gordy Jensen
Wendell Jones
Bill Kamp
Clancy Kelly
Rob Kent
Dale King

Leroy Knutson
Phil Korthius
Darlene Lee
Evelyn Lejon
Tom Leveque
Fred Levin
Arnold Lewellen
Dale Lloyd
Jim Lunde
Lawrence Mackey
Terry Major
Dan Malone
Bob Manley
John Maschke
Wes Mattson
Donnie Mayfield
Ann McKune
Willy McOmie
Mike Mears
Sam Melton
Rod Mitchell
Carl Morrow
Greg Murray
Barb Mykelbust
Beth Newnham
Joe Nickerson
Jim Nielsen
Ed O’Neil
Cal Ogle
Harold Ogle
Larry Oguri
Doug Orcutt
Ron Parsons
Jerry Perigo
Larry Peterson
Dalton Pfau
Dennis Phillips
Jim Powers

Andy Puyear
Dirk Quick
Lewie Rehak, Sr.
Bob Rheaume
Gene Rheaume
Ray Risner
Kitty Ross
Jim Rowton
Jim Russell
Butch Ryan II
Jim Salmon
Mark Sandblast
Bill Sawyer
Joe Schaffer
Barb Self
Don Short
Dave Smith
Preston Smith
Tom Smith
Lin Spicknall
Roger Spurlock
Ted Standen
Chuck Stronach
Jerry Sullivan
Bob Sundstrom
Glen Swartz
Bob Tracy
Dave Truitt
Mel Vanderford
Ron Waliezer
Bob Walker
Brian Walker
Wayne Welch
Greg West
Jim Williams
Jeff Wilson
Wally Worth
Polly Yeatts

In Memoriam

Mr. J.H. Kelly, Jr.
Mrs. Aileen (O’Conner) Kelly
Mr. Art Allen
Mr. Dave Basso
Mr. Jim Beard
Mr. Frank Bills
Mr. Leroy Card
Mr. Walter Crowe
Mr. Martin Curtis
Mr. Earl Davis
Mr. Forest Dehaan
Mr. Hal Durrett
Mr. Ray Erickson
Mr. Sidney Evans
Mr. Timothy Fairchild
Mr. Tom Friberg
Mr. Don George
Mr. Gene Goodwin
Mr. Bob Hall
Mr. Marlyn Hanson

Mr. Don Harper
Ms. Linda Harris
Mr. Butch Irvine
Mr. Ulf Jorni
Mr. George Keith
Mr. Christopher Kochis
Mr. Tony Kuntz
Mr. Dennis Lowman
Mr. Roger Mandle
Mr. Steve Manners
Mr. Dennis Mansur
Mr. Herbert Marsden
Mr. Michael Mears
Ms. Nikki Mears
Mr. Dave Moss
Mr. Chad Munsch
Mr. Frank Murrell
Mr. Darwin Newcomb
Mr. Bill O’Conner
Mr. Jim O’Connor

Mr. Joe Reed
Ms. Florence Riley
Mr. Wayne Rise
Mr. Monte Robertson
Mr. Vic Ross
Mr. Don Sallee
Mr. Bill Sandine
Mr. Gary Snekvick
Mr. Don Spears
Mr. Reuben Stoliby
Mr. Buddy Sturdevant
Mr. Erroll Sturdevant
Mr. George Taylor
Mr. Don Thompson
Mr. Scott Trapp
Mr. Dwane Vestal
Mr. Harvey Ward sr.
Mr. Thomas Washburn
Mr. Gary Weingart
Ms. Tanna Yeager


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