We at Kelly believe that you are only as good as the company you keep. That’s why we are proud to say that we have some amazing past employees. Their dedication to JH Kelly and their determination to make this organization a success laid the foundation for our prosperity.

Every year we gather our retirees for an informal dinner. It gives us a chance to catch up with some of our “family members” with whom we’ve lost touch.

And so, if you’ll excuse our selfish behavior for a moment, we wanted to take a little time and say “Thank You” to all of our retirees and past employees. Without your dedication of yesterday, we would not be here today.

Below are a few short bios of some of our retirees:

Bill Gray
Kelly Employee from 1997 – 2008
As CFO, Bill was very hard working and carried a huge load during JHK’s growth. He nurtured and developed a great staff, built a strong relationship with our bank and bonding company, and was responsible for creating systems and making decisions that allowed us to improve the company on many fronts – everything from payables, receivables, IT, insurance, imaging, software, taxes, audits, equipment, 401Ks, and property.

Ted Coons
Kelly Employee from 1986 – 2006
Ted led our unsung heroes in the maintenance shop for 20 years keeping our trucks and equipment running, job sites supplied and company buildings operating. We’re finally giving Ted time to work on his own projects.

Jim Salmon
Kelly Employee from 1974 – 2005
Jim is the paper mill king having worked at Weyerhaeuser and NORPAC for over 30 years. Industrial Way just isn’t the same since Jim quit driving back and forth in his white Kelly truck. He’s now enjoying the good life in Lake Havasu where the sun always shines.

Dave Foslien
Kelly Employee from 1972 – 2002
Dave joined Kelly right around the time Dan Evans started with the company. Since that time, Dave has become one of our most valuable Superintendents. We’re still trying to talk him into returning to work, but for some reason he’s really enjoying being retired. Go figure.

Larry Peterson
Kelly Employee from 1981 – 2002
Larry was one of the three senior managers that helped shape Kelly into its current form. He’s an expert at estimating, design, and operations management. Since his retirement, Larry has been enjoying traveling with his wife and riding his Harley (and, yes, he has been to Sturgis!).

Joe Reed
Kelly Employee from 1977 – 2001
Joe has proven invaluable to Kelly – even in his retirement. Joe is notorious for being a meticulous, thorough planner and we just can’t let him leave. We are still asking him to come in and help us with Readiness Reviews and job audits. He keeps threatening to REALLY retire one day (but we’re just hoping one day never comes….).

Retiree List
Mr. Dan Abel
Mr. Orville Abken
Mr. Art Allen
Mr. Rog Anonby
Mr. Doug Barney
Mr. Jim Beard
Ms. Sharon Bergman
Mr. Frank Bills
Mr. Terry Boudreau
Mr. Wayne Burnett
Mr. Keith Busack
Mr. Larry Busack
Mr. Mike Calonge
Mr. Mickey Cantwell
Ms. Sue Cole-Gillespie
Mr. Curt Conner
Mr. Ted Coons
Ms. Lynne Covel
Mr. Charlie Crawford
Mr. Walt Crowe
Mr. Earl Davis
Mr. Forrest DeHaan
Mr. Bill Dewsnap
Mr. Mark Downey
Mr. John Dumas
Mr. Dallas Eby
Mr. Terry Emerson
Mr. Keith Erdmann
Mr. Sid Evans
Mr. Tim Fairchild
Mr. Bud Fast
Mr. Jack Fletcher
Mr. Dave Foslien
Mr. Rob Fournier
Mr. Al Fox
Mr. Tom R. Friberg
Mr. Dan Garofaro
Mr. Vic Goodman
Mr. Gene Goodwin
Mr. Norm Granger
Mr. Bill Gray
Mr. Norm Granger
Mr. Bill Gray
Mr. Austin Greene
Mr. Gary Griffiths
Mr. Dick Grohs
Mr. Chris Hackett
Mr. Lonnie Hage
Mr. Bob Hall
Mr. Marlin Hanson
Mr. Donald Harper
Ms. Linda Harris
Mr. Butch Henry
Mr. Frank Hickman
Mr. Jack Hilton
Mr. Dave Hobbs
Mr. Frank Hughes
Mr. Butch Irvine
Mr. Walt James
Mr. Steve Kaiser Sr.
Mr. George Keith
Mr. Clancy Kelly
Mr. Rob Kent
Mr. Dale King
Mr. Clifford Knudson
Mr. Leroy Knutson
Mr. Phil Korthuis
Mr. Tony Kuntz
Ms. Evelyn Lejon
Mr. Tom Leveque
Mr. Arnold Lewellen
Mr. Jim Lunde
Mr. Lawrence Mackey
Mr. Robert Manley
Mr. Wes Mattson
Mr. Donnie Mayfield
Ms. Nikki Mears
Mr. Sam Melton
Mr. Dave Moss
Mr. Greg Murray
Mr. Frank Murrell
Ms. Barb Myklebust
Mr. Bill Nevitt
Mr. Bill O’Connor
Mr. Harold Ogle
Mr. Doug Orcutt
Mr. John Paul
Mr. Jerry Perigo
Mr. Larry Peterson
Mr. Dalton Pfau
Mr. Jim Powers
Mr. Joe Reed
Mr. Bob Rheaume
Mr. Gene Rheaume
Ms. Florence Riley
Mr. Ray Risner
Mr. Rick Rockafellow
Mr. Jim Rowton
Mr. Jim Russell
Mr. Jim Salmon
Mr. Bill Sandine
Mr. Mark Sandblast
Mr. Don Short
Mr. Gary Snekvick
Mr. Lin Spicknall
Mr. Roger Spurlock
Mr. Ted Standen
Mr. Erroll Sturdevant
Mr. Jerry Sullivan
Mr. Glen Swartz
Mr. George Taylor
Mr. Roger Taylor
Mr. Don Thompson
Mr. Dave Truitt
Mr. Dwane Vestal
Mr. Allen Waliezer
Mr. Thomas Washburn
Mr. Wayne Welch
Mr. Jim Williams
Ms. Polly Yeatts
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